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Notethrower is a new music collaboration and licensing service for creative commons music. It will offer artists a unique platform for music collaboration and distribution. Artists will also be able to share and sell their remixed works and split the profits from the sale of their collaborative content. To celebrate it’s upcoming launch, Notethrower is inviting anyone interested to participate in its first Open Music Jam.

The event will be held on the 2nd of october, 8 p.m. at the Net Culture Lab on the 5th floor of the Bertolini Haus in Dornbirn. The evening will start with a brief discussion about online music collaboration, and surrounding business models. Any artists wishing to participate in the Jam session is invited to come and make music. Some instruments will be provided, but musicians are encouraged to bring their own (guitar, bass, keyboard, saxophone, etc.) Please leave a comment in the blog, for questions or to tell us, which instruments you are bringing.
The Jam will be recorded and put on the Notethrower website when it launches.  Participants can sign up to receive more information about the launch date, and how they can get more involved.

The project is being developed out of the Net Culture Lab in Dornbirn, sponsored by Telecom Austria.

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